When you have unwelcome visitors like Coronavirus

IonFlow has been proven to destroy viruses in the air and on surfaces

  • Swedish virus inhibitor demonstrates corona virus destruction 

  • Well-established technology with over 250,000 units sold

  • Scientifically and independently proven on viruses in the air and on surfaces

LightAir IonFlow fights the spread of COVID-19

LightAir IonFlow virus inhibitor is scientifically and independently proven on viruses both in the air and on surfaces, and together with the development of vaccines, can actively contribute to halting the spread of COVID-19.

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New tests from a leading European research institute, IrsiCaixa, show that LightAir’s IonFlow technology destroys engineered SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 viruses in drop form on surfaces. This additional evidence extends the earlier findings of a seven-year scientific study from Karolinska Institute, which showed the technology’s effectiveness against aerosols and how it destroys airborne viruses and greatly reduces the spread of infections.

The new tests measured out various versions of engineered viruses – pseudo-viruses – that mimic the entry of specific corona virus into cells. The conclusion is that IonFlow technology has a clear inhibition on viral entry when viruses are present in droplet form on exposed surfaces. IonFlows ultrahigh-density ionization process attacks the protective protein shell of the virus, thus neutralizing it: preventing it from attaching to, and infecting, human cells.

“IonFlow continuously attacks the virus in the air and on surfaces, while destroying its infectious capabilities. It is great that we now have supplemented the previous in-depth study from the Karolinska Institute, which so clearly shows how our technology prevents the spread of a number of viruses,” says Lars Liljeholm, CEO of LightAir. “Providing pharmaceutical treatments and creating vaccines is important. But it’s not only about that. Innovative technology is also clearly a part of any answer to pandemic viruses. We’re proud to provide a proven solution for reducing infections in offices, schools, homes and other shared spaces.”

Currently, more than 250,000 IonFlow units have been installed globally. A single unit generates approximately 30 billion electrons per second, which transform into negative ions when they meet oxygen molecules in the air. This electron production results in a concentration of more than 19 million negative ions per cm3, sufficient to continuously disinfect about 50m2 of indoor space.

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Listen to the experts, it works!

“We measured out various versions of pseudo viruses that mimic the entry of different coronaviruses into cells. The conclusion is that in the form of droplets on exposed surfaces, IonFlow technology has a clear inhibition on viral entry already within 30 minutes.”

— Nuria Izquierdo Useros, Supervisor/PhD and the principal investigator of the IrsiCaixa 

We’re battling COVID-19, in the air and on the ground.

Scientific tests shows that LightAir IonFlow air purifiers destroy virus while they’re still in the air and on surfaces. With this product you disinfect your home, office, school or other facilities from unwelcome viruses.

Kills flu viruses

Scientific experiments show amazing results

Why IonFlow is better

Viruses are killed throughout the room

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How COVID-19 spreads

COVID-19 can quickly spread between people, especially indoors and in poorly ventilated spaces. When an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks, millions of invisible virus particles are released into the surroundings via respiratory droplets, where they can remain infectious for a long time. 

While the larger droplets settle on all nearby surfaces, smaller droplets might stay suspended for up to 20 minutes in the air or up to 48 hours on indoor surfaces. People can catch COVID-19 when these infected droplets get into their mouth, nose or eyes.

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LightAir's Mission

At LightAir our mission is to improve people’s health and comfort – by providing truly clean air.
As an innovative Swedish company, we challenge the established companies with their traditional air-purification products through patented technology.
Breath easy and enjoy life!
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Size Matters

Fine particles are the reason why air pollution is the leading environmental threat to human health. 

LightAir effectively removes the smallest and most harmful particles to keep you safe in your home or office. 

It’s what we do best!


What Our Customers Say

"Bought one and it’s absolutely awesome! I am very sensitive for dust and dirty aircon etc. After getting the LightAir I wake up without sneezing or a clogged up nose. I recommend it to anyone!"
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Hakan Skoglund
"Stylish and quiet This air purifier is very quiet, no noise at all when I sleep. I live in China and within a few days the collector became dirty, it is easy to clean. I also like the design very much!"
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"Great I have a house full of smokers, and it’s sometimes over bearing to company. So, I bought one of these, and now I get no complaints, and that my house has smelt fresher than ever, and the air is breathable, and clean."
Amber P facebook profile pic
Amber P
Small business owner
"I can breathe fresh air in the room and now have a clean house. My son has allergies. I put it in the room because every day we would wake up sneezing, now from the first hour no sneezing. I feel very confident using this air purifier."
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Prapatsorn Chansubin

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