LightAir IonFlow Evolution The Best Air Purifiers for Pollution & Viruses - Black

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LightAir Ionflow – The best air purifiers with ultimate power and beauty

  • Peer reviewed air purifier for pollution, mould, allergen and virus reduction
  • Runs on 5W – The best air purifier with zero maintenance cost, no fan and no filter
  • Extremely silent, quieter than a whisper
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Why Are the Best Air Purifiers IonFlow

LightAir offers the best air purifiers for pollution, viruses mould and allergens because this unique technology neutralizes all these particles right down to PM0.007 throughour the foom without the need for filters.

The IonFlow Evolution is our latest  and finest editions, offering a stylish minimalistic and discrete Scandinavian design, with a beautiful slightly conical stand makes it the perfect choice to match the decor in your home with the best functuional beauty. 

IonFlow Evolution is available in 3 colors has a compact design to be easily placed on a table or desk. Handles areas up to 50 m2 (540 sq ft).

This air purifier will clean the air from the most harmful particles – fine, ultra-fine and nanoparticles – using our recently patented technology, without causing harmful ozone

IonFlow works by charging the particles in the air negatively, while the collector is positively charged. This way the particles are drawn to the collector pretty much in the same way a magnet works and makes it possible to eliminate viruses while they are still airborne in the room.

the best air purifier for 2020

Life-changing improvements

LightAir makes a life-changing improvement for people with asthma, allergies and COPD, as well as for children, the elderly and the ill, who are most sensitive to infections, fine particles, and ultra-fine particles.

Conventional air-purifying solutions only handle particles larger than PM0.3 and cannot deal with the most dangerous particles in indoor-air, hence only addressing 10% of harmful indoor-air pollution. 

Our filter-free and silent, IonFlow technology efficiently cleans your air from 99.94% of pollutants such as traffic pollution, mold, smoke, fine dust, pet allergens and more – all the way down to PM0.007. 

Scientific research also prove that IonFlow neutralizes over 97% of the virus immediately in your indoor-air, without having to pass through any filter or similar.

Additional information

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View our Warranty

View our extensive Scientive reports

View reports on Virus, Bacteria & Mould

View reports on Pollution & Fine Particles

View reports on the Benefits of IonFlow

Additional information

Weight2.7 kg
Dimensions40 × 24 × 45 cm



7,5×23 inches/19×59 cm



Noise level

21 dB including background noise. Quieter than a whisper

CADR (Coverage area)

approx. 540 sq ft / 50 m2

Energy Consumption

5W- Approximately $5.00 USD Per Year when on continually


EMC (Electromagnetic Quality) CE, ETL (US), GS, S, BSMI, CQC

Particle reduction

Effectively removes particles (size 0.01-1.0 μm). Especially efficient eliminating the smallest and most dangerous particles (ultra-fine particles below 0.1 µm), but it also removes larger particles (1.0-25.0 μm) at a reasonable rate.

Negative ion effect

19’000’000 negative ions/cm3 on 1 cm distance, 250’000 negative ions/cm3 on 1 m distance.

Effectively removes

Viruses, Pollution, Pollen, Mould, Smoke, Pet allergens, Fine dust





4 reviews for LightAir IonFlow Evolution The Best Air Purifiers for Pollution & Viruses – Black

  1. Hakan Skoglund

    Bought one and it’s absolutely awesome! I am very sensitive for dust and dirty aircon etc. After getting the LightAir I wake up without sneezing or a clogged up nose. I recommend it to anyone!

  2. L Bourne

    The first thing that impressed me when I started using my LightAir Purifier was that within hours it removed an annoying dusty smell from my air conditioner in my bedroom, (I later found out this was mould spores that had infected the unit). That was great, but then I had my first solid nights sleep in ages and awoke with a clear head which was unusual.
    It has been 3 weeks now and over several nights I had to stay with Family, I was away from my Air purifier and once again I was waking every couple of hours, and that groggy head came back. SO IT WORKS!
    It is also reassuring to know that my family are well protected from this current Corona virus. I will be buying more!

  3. whittawat

    แพคดี กล่องดี ส่งดี สินค้าดูเรียบหรู วัสดุ สมราคา ประกอบไม่ยาก ทดลองใช้ 1 คืน คู่กับเครื่องฟอกเดิม ฝุ่นลดลงมาก นอนหลับตื่นมาสดชื่น ไฟฟ้าสถิตย์แรง เดินใกล้ๆ รู้สึกได้ ตัวปล่อยประจุก็แรง รู้สึกถึงลมอ่อนๆ
    โดยรวมพอใจมาก คุ้มค่าทั้งการออกแบบและประสิทธิภาพ

  4. Nicholas Costa

    I first saw TFAPRO Co Ltd., LightAir IonFlow high-efficiency Air Purification Units on Facebook and noted they had the capability to remove up to 99.9 % of all particles in the air. Fabric element fan-operated filters achieve up to 90% efficiency, not 99.9 %. These purifiers are sufficient to remove viruses and many other microscopic armful bacteria. I had developed a blocked nose condition when sleeping in A/C and medicated every evening for relief. The first night of bedroom operation my IonFlow eliminated the need for medication. It’s attractive, no moving parts, totally silent and takes only 5 minutes to rinse the positive pole after 7 days continuous use. Highly recommended.

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