Introducing IonFlow Evolution - New Clean Air Technology for 2022

The Worlds Most Effective Air Purification Device For Neutralizing and Capturing the Smallest, Most Harmful Particles

LightAir IonFlow is;

The only air purifier proven to destroy viruses throughout the room without using filters!

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Black Lightair ionflow Evolution air purifier with protective cover removed and light on
Capturing particles down to PM0.007 IonFlow Evolution is more effective against:
ionflow evolution virus icon in orange

Virus & Other
ionflow evolution Pollen icon in orange
ionflow evolution pollution icon in orange

Industrial &
Traffic Pollution
ionflow evolution pet icon in orange

Pet allergies
and odors

Viral Studies By Top Research Facilities

7 year intensive study into Influenza virus, calicivirus and rotavirus completed in November 2014

“This device enables unique possibilities to analyze air and prevent the spread of infectious diseases, which provides a wide medical and clinical application.”

Lennart Svensson, professor of molecular virology Karolinska institute

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IonFlow has been independently studied by two of the most respected viral research facilities Worldwide

how ionflow destroys virus protein spikes infographic
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Tested under biosafety level 2 conditions SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2, March 2021

I find this extremely interesting, and the potential of this technology to combat virus spreading should be further investigated. Not least in these times, and especially given that this technology attacks the viral entry process so viruses can no longer infect human cells.”

Nuria Izquierdo Useros, PhD,nprincipal investigator IrsiCaixa

The results: IonFlow destroys viruses both in the air and on surfaces

Breath cleaner safer air -
Breath LightAir

IonFlow air purifiers effectively remove the smallest and most harmful particles, keeping you safe in your home or office.
It’s what LightAir do best!

The Intelligent Choice;

IonFlow Evolution is OZONE FREE

Destroys over 97% of viruses:

The only air purifier scientifically proven to destroy and prevent the spread of viruses both in the air and on surfaces

Designed for large rooms up to 540 sq ft (50 sq m):

Ideal for large offices, waiting rooms, large bedrooms, family room’s or living rooms

Easy to use, assemble & maintain:

Just plug in and let it work for you around the clock. Only four main parts to assemble and no moving parts that can breakdown! The collector that attracts the particles is easily removed and cleaned.

lightair IonFlow Evolution with Blue LED on black background

Ultra-fine particle removal

Removes 99.94% of the smallest and most harmful particles such as virus, mold, traffic pollution, smoke, all the way down to 0.007 microns

Environmentally friendly

LightAir strives to respect the environment at all stages of the product life cycle. With no filter to ends up in the landfills or high energy consumption fans LightAir is the choice for the eco-friendly users


Patented innovative technology emits an enormous number of negative ions without creating unhealthy ozone. That’s good for you and the environment

How does IonFlow Evolution compare

There is a growing public awareness and knowledge about poor indoor air quality and its alarming health effects. More and more people are suffering from asthma, allergies and heart and vascular disease as well as more direct health problems related to the indoor air quality like fatigue, headache, and concentration difficulties.

Your indoor air is affected by both pollutants from the outside such as traffic fumes, pollen, industrial pollution, and indoor pollutants such as dust, smoke, VOCs, virus, and pet allergens. 

LightAir air purifiers are super effective in handling the smallest and most harmful pollution particles in the air. We make a difference in the air, that will make a difference to your health

Ultra-fine particles

Traditional air purifiers can only capture particles down to PM0.1. IonFlow does better!

With LightAir IonFlow You Can;

woman with child says goodbye to allergies with IonFlow Evolution

Say goodbye to:

  • Allergens
  • Bacteria
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Smoke
  • Traffic pollution
  • Viruses

This product is Amazing

We do it better!

Premium indoor air quality

  • Removes harmful particles in the most efficient way
  • Destroys microbes & viruses
  • Highest capacity per watt, CADR/watt

And the best comfort

  • Highest capacity at lowest noise level, CADR/dB(A)
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Attractive design suits any environment
  • Minimal use of consumables

Much better!

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