Djurgården Hockey installs LightAir Health+ March 2021

2 men displaying Djurgården Hockey shirt with sponsorship by LightAir Sweden

Clean, virus-free air to promote health and performance

Djurgården Hockey installs LightAir Health+ air purification system for its elite-level men’s, women’s and junior ice hockey teams. The advanced air purification solution is now being installed and will cover meeting rooms, changing rooms and gym.

Djurgården Hockey, a leading Swedish professional hockey club in Stockholm, has been a fertile ground for many Swedish national team players, and has laid the foundations for numerous NHL careers on American and Canadian ice. All hockey activities in the Djurgården organization are based on the twin aspirations of high-performing teams and individual development. The basic goal is to ensure that each individual stays healthy and match-ready.

“Our premises often present a tough air quality environment, based on challenges with a lot of equipment, sweat and moisture,” says K-G Stoppel, deputy CEO of Djurgården Hockey. “Now we’re quite pleased to have found a solution with a proven technology that minimizes airborne viruses and filters out harmful ultra-fine particles. We will also have an ongoing collaboration with LightAir to follow up more detailed statistics on general health and illness among our players. Improved indoor air quality has an extra strong focus during this pandemic we’re all going through, but it’s also of great interest for the future, because we’re exposed to cold and flu seasons every year.”

LightAir Health+ is an innovative solution for air purification that consists of two complementary technologies. First, highly efficient air purifiers that lower the concentration of air pollutants through filtration. As much as 99.99% of traffic pollutants, viruses and ultrafine particles are removed from the indoor air. The second component consists of patented virus inhibitors, which actively seek out and destroy residual airborne viruses already in the air. The two technologies together thus provide double protection against airborne viruses.

“Our customers are normally found in completely different types of results-focused businesses, such as offices and schools,” says Lars Liljeholm, CEO of LightAir AB (publ). “This collaboration with Djurgården means a slightly different, but extremely tough, air quality environment. The LightAir Health+ installation in these premises will also quickly improve conditions for increased performance and reduced sick leave.”

The reason Djurgården Hockey installs LightAir  health+, which  is currently offered only in Sweden, and primarily on a subscription basis, (where clean air is provided as a service) – including installation and ongoing maintenance.

The Health+ service doesn’t tie up capital and comes with a lifetime warranty regarding hardware functionality. It’s a win, win for Sweden, hopefully we will be able to offer a similar service in Thailand and SE/Asia soon?

  • Interesting fact: Gunnar Sjobeck, (LightAir Thailand’s CEO) used to play for Djurgården Hockey.. 

For further information, please contact:

Lars Liljeholm
LightAir AB (publ)
+46 (0)70 828 61 96


K-G Stoppel
Deputy CEO/Director of Hockey Operations
Djurgården Hockey
+46 (0)70 746 71 74

About Djurgården Hockey

Djurgårdens IF was founded on March 12, 1891 and in 1922 the ice hockey section was started when the sport came to Sweden. Djurgården Hockey has won 16 Swedish Championship gold medals at senior level, which is the most in Sweden. The elite operations are conducted through the senior operations in the Swedish top leagues of SHL (men) and SDHL (women), as well as J20 and J18.

About LightAir

LightAir AB (publ) improves health and well-being by developing and selling efficient air purification. Solutions are based on two unique and patented technologies: IonFlow and CellFlow. Both use different levels of ozone-free ionization to neutralize harmful particles such as viruses, pollutants, and pollen. The two main segments targeted in this international market are Home Solutions and Professional Solutions. The company’s share is listed on Nordic SME Sweden (Nordic Growth Market NGM AB) under LAIR. Read more at

About LightAir Thailand

LightAir Thailand is the most recent addition of authorized retailers of the LightAir products. The Company was set up in 2019 and serious marketing of the IonFlow Evolution Product started in March of 2020. In the coming months/years we hope to be expanding to offer LightAir’s high quality air cleaning products to the entire SE/Asian region as well as Oceana.

For further information in SE/Asia, please contact:

Leon Bourne
SALES (Thailand & SE Asia)
TFAPRO Co,. Ltd (T/A LightAir Thailand)
+66 (0)88 625 6581

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