IonFlow air purifiers the benefits - Here we show why it is worth using high efficiency air purifiers

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We are clean air specialists – At LightAir we have worked on cleaner air for over 25 years, we do not make any other home or office appliance or brand.
LightAir is about cleaner and healthier air and only that. It is what we love and do best!
Swedish technology and engineering at its finest in beautiful Scandinavian designs. At LightAir we believe people appreciate beauty and functional design. Our goal is to make stylishly designed products that beautifully blend into any indoor environment.

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High efficiency air purifiers the benefits of IonFlow

Its not only about a beautiful design, (although we are proud of that). In choosing the right air purifier the benefits need to out way the cost. That’s why we have created IonFlow.

We believe IonFlow is the most efficient air purification system available, why? Because leading independent scientific bodies have spent 7 years researching every aspect of our IonFlow air purifiers and the results have been more than impressive.

For more information we have provided links to the Scientific reports at the bottom of this page. For now, here is a list of our air purifier benefits & features: 

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Silent operation

Your air purifier will not disturb your important work or your precious sleep!

It will do a better job than the best HEPA air purifier but without a sound!

IonFlow air purifiers work at less than 21 dB(A)! That is less than half the sound of a whisper. This can be compared to most other air purifiers that tend to have a noise level of 35-80 dB(A) or more.
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Zero maintenance cost

With LightAir IonFlow there no moving parts which means “NOTHING TO REPLACE” you will never need to buy an expensive filter again. This will save you $50-400 per year, compared to typical filter based air purifiers.

Combined with lower electricity cost savings will be substantial, in fact, enough to buy another IonFlow air purifier.

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LightAir IonFlow air purifiers are hassle-free and very easy to maintain. Once your LightAir IonFlow reusable particle collector starts looking dirty, just clean it by rinsing the collector under a tap.

There is no reduced capacity due to clogged up filters, no more ordering new filters and no need for complicated installation of new filters.

And don’t worry, even if you forget to clean your particle collector it will continue to operate just as efficiently.

Lightair virus icon in blue

De-activates over 97% of all viruses in the air & on surfaces

LightAir is your best protection against microbes in the air, such virus, bacteria and mould.

This makes it the best high-efficient air purifier for allergy, asthma, COPD, pregnant, infants, children and other people sensitive to influenza and other infections.

According to a seven years scientific research study LightAir IonFlow air purifier makes 97% of virus harmless immediately in the air making sure they will never bother you.

Also in 2021 studies by the respected IrsiCaixa AIDS research institute have proven that IonFlow also destroys all viruses tested on surfaces as well as in aerosol form.
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Provides truly clean air

LightAir gives you the cleanest air you can get! According to the scientific community, size matters.

More than 90% of all particles in the air are smaller than PM 0,1.

These particles are the most harmful to your health because they deposit deep into the lungs and enter our bloodstream and affect your inner organs. This is why fine particles is one of the largest cause of premature death.

According to third-party governmental tests, LightAir IonFlow air purifier remove particles down to PM 0.007 meaning that we keep your air virtually free from all harmful particles.

lightair Ionflow purifiers do not produce ozone icon in blue

Environmentally friendly - No OZONE

Some air purifiers emit ozone, not LightAir! Ozone can cause health problems such as asthma, emphysema, and COPD. Ozone has traditionally been a side effect of many ionizing air purifiers meaning the higher ion generation the higher the ozone level.

LightAir alone has been able to solve this problem and can generate an extremely high concentration of negative ions, thus IonFlow is a very efficient air purification without ozone.

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Energy efficient

Low energy consumption saves both money and the environment! Thanks to LightAir’s innovative technology the energy consumption of the IonFlow air purifier is only 5W, which is extremely low compared to other air purifiers.

Don’t forget that the air stays clean only as long as you do something about it – air purifiers should therefore stay in operation 24/7 to give you clean and healthy air around the clock.

IonFlow air purifiers the benefits = Life Changing Improvement

LightAir makes a life-changing improvement for people with asthma, allergies and COPD, as well as for children, the elderly and the ill, these are the people who are most sensitive to infections, fine particles, and ultra-fine particles.

Conventional air-purifying solutions only handle particles larger than PM0.3 and cannot deal with the most dangerous particles in indoor-air, hence only addressing 10% of harmful indoor-air pollution.

Our filter-free and silent IonFlow efficiently cleans your air from 99.94% of pollutants such as traffic pollution, mold, smoke, fine dust, pet allergens and more – all the way down to PM0.007.

Scientific research also prove that IonFlow neutralizes over 97% of the virus immediately in your indoor-air, without having to pass through any filter or similar.

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