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IonFlow Air Purifier, Scientifically Proven to destroy virus both in the air and on surfaces

We're battling COVID-19

IrsiCaixa research institute of Barcelona has carried out tests that show that LightAir’s IonFlow technology neutralizes viruses that mimic SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 in drop form on surfaces.

LightAir IonFlow air purifiers destroy virus while they’re still in the air and on surfaces. With this product you disinfect your home, office, school or other facilities from unwelcome viruses.

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Patented Technology Provides a Real Solution to Cleanest Indoor Air

LightAir IonFlow - ozone free filter-less air purification

We believe that the reason you are here is because you are trying to find the best solution to improve your health. At LightAir Thailand we all know that clean air is essential to good health and that it’s a basic human need. But how would you define clean air?

Particulate matter is everywhere in the air around us. Each and every day, the average adult breathes about 20,000 liters of air. Thus, when you inhale, you breathe in any particles that are in the air, most are invisible to the naked eye. With the numerous pollutants in most indoor air that affect your health – Viruses, pollen, mold, smoke, fossil fuel pollution and pet allergens – it’s increasingly important to purify the air we breath.

LightAir’s patented IonFlow  technology provides high efficiency air purification that effectively cleans the air from the most harmful particles; fine, ultra-fine and nanoparticles. This is why lightAir IonFlow really is the most efficient air purification system available today.

So how do we do this? The answer is ionization. We make the particles in the air negatively charged, while our collector is positively charged. This way, we draw the particle to the collector very much in the same way a magnet works.

IonFlow eliminates viruses, while they’re still airborne in the room. So if someone sneezes, almost all of the viruses are neutralized before they even get a chance to reach you. Without having to pass through any sort of filter solution.

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We believe in clean air

At LightAir Thailand have made it our mission to improve peoples health and comfort – by providing truly clean air. We do this by providing the cleanest indoor air, packaged in award-winning Scandinavian design, with emphasis on minimizing our environmental footprint.

We seem to always long a that fresh environment and air. At one with nature where we can breath deeply and clear our minds – spend time in the forest, by the sea or in the mountains.

Now, imagine being able to bring that feeling home.

Well, by using LightAir IonFlow, our high efficiency air purifiers provide the most sustainable indoor-air-quality, without creating harmful ozone, so with us you really can!

LightAir IonFlow air purification removes particles typical HEPA air purifiers can't

Typical HEPA-based air purifiers can only remove particles down to 0.1 microns, but 90% of the particles in the air, including the most harmful ones, are smaller than that.
Most HEPA air purifiers only catch a fraction of these harmful particles.
LightAir IonFlow air purifiers use negative ions, not filters, and effectively remove particles all the way down to 0.007 microns.

IonFlow an Overview

Some feedback from our International website

Dr Torkiart
Dr Torkiart
Interesting Technology
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"Air purifier that uses ion's to kill. bacteria, virus, dust mites, etc. This is the latest model. No filter to change. Should be useful and give us peace of mind in the current situation of the possibility and the epidemic of Covid-19. Interesting
Very satisfied
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"Good package, good delivery. Product looks elegant, material, suitable price, not difficult to assemble. Try 1 night with the original purifier, much less dust, sleep, wake up refreshed. The static electricity is strong. Walking close to the device, the capacitor is strong. Felt a mild static Overall very satisfied good value for both design and efficiency
Karin van der Hoor
Karin van der Hoor
What an invention
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"Noa does not have to inhale medicines anymore and sleeps much better. Once in a while she still has these coughing attacks but because she has enough rest now she is much stronger and can cope without medicines"
Kevin Cole
Kevin Cole
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"We bought this for our daughter who has some serious respiritory problems and it has helped a great deal, however what we did not expect was the benefits to our son who was allergic to household dust. The impact on him has been incredible."
Hakan Skoglund
Hakan Skoglund
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"Bought one and it’s absolutely awesome! I am very sensitive for dust and dirty aircon etc. After getting the LightAir I wake up without sneezing or a clogged up nose. I recommend it to anyone."
Prapatsorn Chansubin
Prapatsorn Chansubin
Very good
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"Used to feel short of breath. The air inside the room or house is clean. But my son is allergic. I opened in the room 1 day from Coughing in the morning every day, since then I have not heard my son coughing at all. I feel very confident when using this air cleaner."

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  • Minimum maintenance
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  • Minimal use of consumables

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